Once upon a time a received an email from a local high school teacher asking if I could take one of her students as an intern for my photography business. Little did I know, the precious soul that walked through my door would turn out to be literally one of my favorites. Like ever.

Carissa and I worked together each week during her senior year (mostly laughing and talking – I guess I’m not a very good intern leader!) and developed a special relationship. So when she asked me to shoot her wedding, I couldn’t have been more excited!

Her fiance couldn’t be more of a perfect match for her. Carissa & Rene have a special spark, and two supportive families behind them cheering their love on. Yesterday, I met with them to discuss the wedding, and realized I never blogged their engagement pictures from last fall!

We met at Dallas Baptist University on a beautiful fall day. Enjoy all the love that comes pouring out of these pictures! There’s only one more month until the wedding, and I am so ready to watch these two walk down the aisle.

I know these two have a very happy and bright future ahead of them! Keep your eye out for the wedding pictures coming soon!