Project Beauty is an initiative started by Thomas Nguyen Photography.  Here is a little info on this incredible movement from Sean Brown Productions:

  • Started by Thomas Nguyen and quickly spreading the country, Project Beauty began with a goal of redefining what true beauty really is and how beauty is portrayed on social media. So often teens are bombarded with imagery of what society perceives as beautiful. While this culture has always been around, social media has only amplified this effect and it has put this in the forefront of our teens’ daily lives. With Project Beauty, our goal is to bring natural, true beauty to the forefront of everyone’s social media and bring attention to the fact that teens do not need to look a certain way in order to be accepted by their peers and fit in.Our mission: redefine how beauty is depicted on social media and to photograph seniors with no makeup and no retouching. The result are images that allow these teens to walk away feeling more confident, empowered than before and showcase what true beauty really is.

I thought that the Project Beauty movement fit in perfectly with my ROLEmodel team, since I emphasize that my team is for girls that are leaders, volunteers, good friends, and more.

For this shoot, I rented a natural light studio in Dallas, and told the girls to wear a white shirt, jeans, and no makeup.  That’s right, all natural!  🙂  The images are all in black and white, and I used one of my favorite Lightroom presets for post processing.  Below are my favorite images of each ROLEmodel, and what they think true beauty really is.  Aren’t they SO GORGEOUS??????

Hailey, McKinney North High School…To me true beauty means someone that is beautiful on the inside. This to me means someone who is always kind, considerate, and caring for others before themselves. True beauty is also being confident in your own skin, without makeup.

Ashley, Frisco High School…My favorite quote is “Beauty is not in the face, but a light in the heart.” All girls should tell themselves that they don’t need makeup, that they are beautiful without it. Confidence…wear it like makeup!

Alex, McKinney High School…True beauty is about showing your true self.

Caitlyn, Ursuline Academy…I think true beauty comes from showing your best self. True beauty is when you are most genuine!

Chandler, Prosper High School…The meaning of true beauty is one who shows kindness to others and puts others beyond themselves. True beauty comes from within and radiates into the world.

Kendall, Liberty High School…To me true beauty is a reflection of your heart. Showing kindness and compassion for others is what real beauty is.

Reagan, Independence High School…”Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself” is one of my favorite quotes. You shouldn’t worry about what others are going to say about your style, or your make-up or your hair. When you start to be yourself, true beauty comes out. No girl needs make-up but because of our society and all of us being so worried about what others think we aren’t really able to express our natural self.

Gracie, Liberty High School…True beauty is being able to be yourself inside and out. It’s being able to be okay with you are and loving it! I hope every girl can find and learn to love their true beauty.

Izzie, McKinney Boyd High School…I think true beauty means what isn’t seen with the naked eye, not what we see on the outside but what we can’t see on the inside. It sounds so cliche, but it’s 100% true and I’m a firm believer in it.

I hope you loved these images!  Project Beauty was a wonderful experience and I hope more and more photographers decide to participate.